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About us
About us


Mission Statement

Cell-Medicine, Inc. (CMI) will be founded and maintained by the philosophers who share love of research and development for lives and pleasure of direct contribution to human life with new concept-driven technologies.

CMI works for remarkable improvement of human health and daily life by purging the fear of cancer through development and worldwide distribution of tumor immunotherapy.

General Information

Company Name Cell-Medicine, Inc.

Sengen 2-1-6-C-B-1, Tsukuba, 305-0047 Ibaraki, Japan
TEL: +81-29-828-5591
FAX: +81-29-828-5592
E-mail: (Would you please ask us by FAX.)

Founded July 3, 2001
President Tadao Ohno, Ph. D.
Paid-In Capital \15,060,000
Number of Employees 10
Number of Shareholders 19
Number of Internal Review Board Members 5
Scope of Business Manufacturing, marketing and import / export of pharmaceutical drugs, etc.
R&D Facilities Tsukuba (Japan)


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